Fields of Snow – Grindelwald, Switzerland


Grindelwald: Glacier – about 2500m
Trixie: winter newbie

My third day ever on skis and I am greeted rather coldly by the North Face of the Eiger… yet comforted by fluffy fresh powder. Alpine air is confidence boosting. Ok, I can do this.

The morning developed from a watery 10% grey to full-blown cerulean blue. The sky was just screaming at me to get down the blue lane. After hours on the magic carpet and encouragement from my personal champion, I felt I was ready.


After the most arduous snow plough-ing (plunging) down the mountain… I reached the end of the short run! Oh the chair-lift… Forgot to mention I have this tiny thing about heights.


After dizzying heights, face-stripping wind, dry eyeballs, and endless self-motivation chatter… I reached the station.  I went straight for the tipi for a glass of bubbles on each hand.

Made it!


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