Easy Emmetten and Klostermatte

As winter is coming to an end, I remember how 8 weeks ago I wanted to see snow. After the first serious snowfall, we decided to go for my first ski lesson. Apparently half of Switzerland had the same idea and we arrived at Klostermatte to a hill covered in Skittles. In the 2 days of learning a controlled descent (skiing), I discovered new muscles I never knew I had and wondered why I was out with -9C learning how to snow plow.


As I was warming up (finally), I realized that skiing is indeed a wonderful sport. With time I would be able to enjoy more peaceful pistes and glide (one day) in an almost meditative state. In the meantime, I was happy to hustle with all the new learners in the learning piste, everyone eager to master parallel turns.

At the end of the day (with a nap in between), we headed to our hotel in Emmetten. Emmetten was my favourite part of the weekend, enjoying a nice hotel with views to Lake Lucerne and a very small town feel.

In wikipedia…

Emmetten has an area, as of 2006, of 25 square kilometers (9.7 sq mi). Of this area, 37.9% is used for agricultural purposes, while 45.8% is forested. Of the rest of the land, 2.6% is settled (buildings or roads) and the remainder (13.7%) is non-productive (rivers, glaciers or mountains).[4]
Emmetten has a population (as of 31 December 2015) of 1,380.[5]

I like skiing, but it will take some more seasons for skiing to like me.




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